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    Attract Love #1 - Affirmation Stickers

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    I am so grateful for all my authentic and loving relationships : Focusing on what I love today brings me more love tomorrow : I am deserving and worthy of unconditional love : I love myself deeply and allow others to love me back : My soulmate exists now and already loves me unconditionally : I effortlessly give and recieve unconditional love : Why am I so in love with life and everything in it? : I remember my life before I met my perfect partner

    Change The Way You See Yourself 🪞

    With Affirmations That Stick!

    Introducing Affirmation Mirror Stickers, made with love and backed by the psychology of transformation.

    • Created to be placed on your mirrors for maximum effect (repeating affirmations to yourself in the mirror) But can be used anywhere! Windows, Laptops, Car Dash, Journals, or Any Smooth Surface. Put them wherever works for you! 
    • Whether you say them aloud or in your head, you are upgrading your beliefs one glance at a time. They even work when you don't read them, as your subconscious is always reading them as soon as it sees them. ;) 
    • Your morning mindset matters. Each morning our affirmations are there, looking back at you, reminding you to start your day out with a positive mindset and the right attitude. #Winning


    Reprogramming new and positive thoughts and beliefs takes repetition and daily practice - Mindful Reminders Mirror Affirmation Stickers are here to help!

    Our affirmations are like mini daily workouts for your mind, heart, and soul. Supporting lasting changes in your thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors.

    Your journey to believing in a better you starts today!

    Sheet Size - 11" x 8.5" Includes the 8 affirmations shown

    Attract Love #1 - Affirmation Stickers
    Attract Love #1 - Affirmation Stickers

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